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$5,000 Weight Loss Challenge

Over $12,000 in Payouts!

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Weight loss plan that works! Monetary Weight Loss Incentive is Powerful! World leading academics have discovered that cash rewards enhance the success of weight loss strategies.

Grand Prizes!

  • 1st Place!
    to the single
    biggest loser

  • 2nd Place!
    Split between
    those who lose
    25% or more

  • 3rd Place!
    Split between
    those who lose


Why It Works!

Feeling good and looking sexy should be incentive enough, but because we have to use money every day to live, our minds react to the added cash incentive in a very effective way. The $5,000 Weight Loss Challenge gives you the drive to see your way to your goal weight!


Join Now!

  • Contestent Winner
  • Contestent Winner

Start your journey to achieve the life you deserve and a chance at a Healthy Cash prize!

  • Everyone is welcome.
  • 91 Day Challenge.
  • Begin at your convenience.
  • Use any weight loss strategy.
  • 5 different cash prizes!
  • Your motivation is our priority.