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Defeat COVID19 with data

Zeros platform includes our newest feature to monitor data within your organization to fight against SARS-CoV-2 and other communicable diseases such as influenza, SARS-CoV, MERS, Rotavirus, and more providing layers of insight.

Are you seeing these numbers?

COVID19 impact report


Medical labor increase due to COVID19


Patient treatments affected by COVID19 within your practice


Decline in revenue due to COVID19


Safety renovations caused by COVID19
Beautiful Design

Our visualization helps your understand your data clearly.

Assign people to a report

Have the power of your data in your hands and share with others.

Messaging on Reports

Now collabrate with people on your data and set status.


We show you why your data is important and how your should look at it.

Zeros offers the means to fight against communicable diseases using multilayered analytics and big data

On-demand Prescription Pricing Recommendation

Medical supply chains battle a lossy process for payment and reimbursement due to quarterly changes in both vendor prices and itemized insurer coverage tables. Zeros platform monitors trends in pricing and reimbursements for medical supplies.

Instant Analysis

Zeros data analysis platform provides on-demand updated visuals of optimal pricing and reimbursements at the moment they are needed by both practitioners and purchasers.

Impact of emergency-only treatment

Zeros minimizes expenses and maximizes reimbursements based on shifting cost tables and a variety of managed vendor deals; empowering our customers to block and tackle the influx of demand for medical services during a disease-fueled economic recession.

COVID19 and supply chain

Zeros monitors the correlations between COVID19 and supply chain recession events within your organization. Our heatmapping module indicates shortages of specific high-demand consumables, monitoring results of COVID19 .

Saving your organization money

Zeros can add an estimated +$500,000 in annual revenue by eliminating error loss rates within your organization.

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