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Zeros™ interaction actionable analytics feed keeps you on top of your responsibilities.


Zeros™ smart color monitoring display boards allow operators to take actionable measures within the distribution centers.

It is time you regained control over your SUPPLY CHAIN

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Bad reporting affects every element of your business. Explaining complex reports to management, having the specific departments in order to verify the information, and finally needing your operations personnel to add their insights to tell a story.

Zeros make all that go away and let’s each and every team member focus on what makes your business a great business. Say goodbye to manual reporting.

Unearthing your Supply Chain Data

The data you’re looking for is deep within your systems, and generally hard to get to. But even if you do get to it, and you extract it, it’s hard to format on a daily basis.

That’s where we come in.

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End-to-End Supply Chain Solution

Instantly see your core data points: A quick snapshot of how healthy your entire supply chain is, then you can see how efficient your operation can be — saving you time and money!

Predictive Maintenance Analytics

A company's worst nightmare is downtime. These automation machines have their specific run times on belts, cables, motors, sensors, etc. but lack monitoring of their usage. With our proprietary machine-learning algorithms, our software can predict different levels of service before they happen.

Forecasting Labor Demand

See your labor in real-time and your need for the future. Our software defines the measure of the extent to which available labor resources (people available to work) can be used.

Understanding Throughput

Products are not created equal and may have a more extended performance than others; lacking visibility will affect increased optimization of throughput processes. Zeros recognize the continuously changing subset of people, processes, products, and payment systems that convolve to produce a highly complex time-variant signal.

Efficiency vs Effectiveness

Why are supply chains sometimes efficient but not effective or vice-versa? Most companies do not have a clear understanding and as a result, efficient supply chains are rendered ineffective. Zeros can provide a clear vision of your efficiency and effectiveness, so you will never lose traction or worse fail.

More Raw Data For You

Our simple pass-through of clean data allows this newly discovered data to connect to your data warehouse solution with our secure API connection.

One Dashboard to run your Supply Chain

There was a time when we would run manual reports for at least 2-3 hours every day to stay up to date with all the relevant metrics of our supply chain. The reports are then compiled into a single Excel spreadsheet, which turns into a shareable file and then distributed to a team. By then, all your reports are out of date.

Sound familiar? Then you should stop right now because it isn’t what you should be doing. It would be best if you focused on growing your business and work on operational challenges instead. Let us handle the supply chain data that you need. It’ll be waiting for you every morning when you get in, and available in real-time every second of the day.

Now that’s how reporting should be.

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