ZEROS Security Architecture

1) Customers connect to Zeros over HTTPS, the protocol used for absolute online security. 2) Zeros connects to our integrated partners 3) Zeros Web and Backend servers connect to each other using encrypted connections over SSL.

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Disaster and Data Recovery

Zeros is distributed across each of the availability zones in the US Regions. This posture allows for a self-healing infrastructure with redundant servers for critical services present in each availability zones. The platform features built-in mechanisms to detect when components are not operating or operating in a degraded state. It will automatically scale within the alternate availability zones to ensure that services remain available and responsive.

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We know there is nothing more important than the security of your data. We’ve laid out our security practices in detail below. We built a security infrastructure that follows industry-wide best practices and standards. After review, if you still need help—have a question, want further documentation, or just want to talk to someone at Zeros — let us know.

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