Standard Operating Procedure Template


This template serves as a formatting and structural guide for the creation and modification of Zeros Standard Operating Procedures. This document format is a preliminary tool for the creation of Zeros Documents Page content. The lifecycle process for initializing, developing, publishing, updating, and killing protocols are outlined in the procedures below. This format meets ISO standards for defining repeatable business processes.


    1. Zeros Executive: Describe the responsibilities of the high-level visionary.
    2. Zeros Manager: Describe the authority of the mid-level integrator.
    3. Zeros Staff: Describe the duties of the floor-level operator.
    4. Zeros Customer: Not on SOPs, refer to SOP for Customer Help Content.


    1. List Critical Hardware & Software Requirements
      1. Stay consistent with this numbering and sub number scheme.
        1. Avoid the use of tier 4 sublists, re-differentiate higher-order lists instead.
      2. Exclude intuitive requirements (ie “A working computer” is obvious here)
    2. Copy/paste personnel titles, requirements, and definitions for the commonality of voice when reading through multiple SOPs.


    1. SOP – “Standard Operating Procedure”, used for controlling business processes
      1. Color Scheme – Red for warnings & no-nos, Blue for hyperlinks, Black content.
      2. Font – Lato is our standard format for documentation if it is not available use the system default fonts.


    1. Request temporary access from the library curator to update, create or delete SOPs. The creation & deletion of protocols requires a consultation with the curator.
      1. Create a copy of this template, update the header and footer, and clear back content to initiate a new SOP.
      2. If content has been written in advance copy/paste and retain formatting integrity on the new SOP template, then remove the notes copy when all content is migrated.
    2. When updating an SOP use the “suggesting” option to clearly identify modifications for speedy approval.
    3. Leave the revision history as-is, it will be updated by the approver during validation.
    4. Walkthrough the floor level steps to complete the procedure. Each list item should be 1-3 sentences in length.

Include high-resolution images, charts, tables, and screenshots to provide a visual reference to the procedural steps. A reference to this template’s outline is shown below but referenced in this step; do not include figure numbers or captions at this time.

    1. Use shapes, arrows, and other formatted objects for emphasis do not use freehand highlights or pen tools on business documentation. Note that google docs do not permit overlapping of images. Add shapes using an image editor.
    2. Leave a carriage return between headings, the final step of the procedure should initiate the validation process.
    3. When completed with writing or updating a new SOP create a comment and use @ to notify the curator of the completed work for validation.