Visualize your business analytics on the warehouse floor in a new and collaborative way. Unleash your team’s visual cues whether you are in a 50,000 sq. ft. or 1 million sq. ft. facility. Make it easy for managers to share information throughout the warehouse in real-time without boundaries.

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Designed For Enterprise-Level Warehouses

An intuitive, fast interface displayed on state-of-the-art 4K LCD screens designed to meet the highest accuracy and responsiveness for your business analytics visualization process. Zeros Applications instantly place your most essential statistics and visual cues on the warehouse display for everyone to see and act upon.


Not Just Charts, News-Feed Style Displays

Our stunning displays shine as the focal point for real-time information served through the Zeros environment. Enrich your experience with the best of ZerosSuite™. Our visual business analytics news-feed style display automatically pulls new information, whether your team is in the same facility or around the world.

ZerosChart™ alerts, triggers, and goals
Branding & Locations
ZerosChat™ tagged notifications
ZerosScore™ benchmarking and performance

Improve Your Goals And Gamify Your Operations

Our displays unlock your team’s output potential with real-time metrics through goal tracking and gamification techniques. Game design-inspired displays (Orange Team vs. Blue Team) strategically placed around the warehouse will develop an approach for increased motivation and engagement within warehouse environments.

Orange Team


Blue Team


Create an environment where team members will be aligned in the mission for the day, week, month, resulting in improved output and decreased downtime.

Start getting the most out of your opertions and teams today

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