Get to Know Zeros and How We Are Changing an Industry

Why Does Zeros Exist?

Zeros was founded out of the frustration that there was no standardized way for companies in the supply chain industry to unlock the data from their capital equipment systems. With the increase of technology adoption and the shortage of technical talent to deploy and maintain, keeping a holistic view and taking action based on this information is more challenging than ever.

We believe that making sense of data should not depend on having a team of highly technical developers. Data should be accessible and collaborative with team members of all skill levels. We believe that companies should be able to seamlessly integrate their capital equipment and to take actions instantly based on their data.

That’s why we decided to build a scalable solution that can integrate with capital equipment efficiently and which allows organizations to make sense of their data quickly, seamlessly, and painlessly.

Our philosophy is simple: Information is useless unless you take action with it.

Data has no intrinsic value. A truckload of random data is essentially worthless. However, properly harnessed, supply chain data can be just as real and valuable as any company asset. In particular, the insights gained can lead to dramatic improvements in every aspect of supply chain planning and execution.

2020 Deloitte Annual Industry Report

How Zeros is Setting a Standard

There is a common thread among enterprises that utilize advanced robotics and automation capital equipment. That thread is the struggle to unlock data and to maximize the performance of their equipment. Zeros solves this problem – our platform makes it easy for organizations to integrate their capital equipment, visualize the data, and start taking action on it quickly.

Before Zeros, developing a reporting solution for capital equipment data was extremely expensive, time-consuming, and delivered a final product that still required ongoing development, maintenance and support from technical teams. These solutions were not developed in the best interest of the client nor are they scalable.

With Legacy (One-Off Custom) Solutions:
  • Unsuitable for non-technical operators – a large team of expert technical developers  (data scientists) is required to manage your solution.
  • Not easy to install – timely and expensive and requires custom development,  management, and upgrading.
  • No overall solution support. You are at the mercy of those who developed it.
  • Estimated 2-year implementation timeline and technical know-how to bring your vision to life, and you’ll be largely reliant on developers.
With Zeros:
  • Get your business analytics on all your robotics and automation hardware up and running quickly (within 30 days).
  • Gain insights and take action on your reporting, making your data more useful than with traditional “intelligence” solutions.
  • Make data accessible to veterans and beginners alike.
  • Experience the convenience of access to best-in-class support, 24-7.

For the past decade a shortage of talent has consistently been one of the main concerns for the future of digital Supply Chains and with robotics and automation expected to reach 58% adoption in the next 1-2 years and 73% in the next 3-5 years, developing a solution is critical to leveraging the value of data.

2020 Deloitte Annual Industry Report

So What is Zeros?

Zeros is a business analytics software platform that connects, collects, visualizes, and allows seamless collaboration to maximize capital equipment performance, all in one platform.

Zeros delivers simple, clean, interactive, easy to understand charts, pre-built in the Zeros platform through our data connection and collection services, that provide supply chain data applications faster than existing alternative methods, and at scale.

The Zeros platform is meant to be used by everyone in the organization, from executives and warehouse managers, to floor personnel, hitting a much broader base of users within an organization, who can impact the effectiveness and efficiency of the company. This is significantly more than any “Intelligence” tool could possibly do.

Target Integrators

Hardware-as-a-Service companies

The Zeros solution is a business analytics platform focused on groups of companies interconnected around their advanced robotics and automation capital equipment within the logistics industry. This includes conveyors, sortation, guided vehicles, robotic arm programmable logic controllers (PLC), and control systems.

“Properly corralling and integrating these data streams can drive quantum changes and improvements in supply chains. As such, it is entirely reasonable to think of information and insights as the currency of the NextGen supply chain.” – 2020 Deloitte Annual Industry Report

Target Customers

Warehouse Logistic Operations (WLO) that utilize advanced robotics and automation capital equipment.

Everything we do is about helping warehouse operations get the most out of their capital equipment and human resources. We are automation and robotics obsessed. We want organizations, their employees, and most importantly, their end-users and customers, to have the best experiences possible.

“50% of supply chain companies plan to spend over $1 million on automation and robotics supply chain technologies over the next two years. Of that, 25% plan to spend over $5 million and a full 5% plan to spend over $50 million.” – 2020 Deloitte Annual Industry Report