About Zeros Platform

Why does Zeros Exist?

“What happened today?”

This simple yet powerful question no one in a warehouse can answer without sweating.

As organizations transition their supply chain to the new digital age, Executives report that quality, quantity, and data analysis around their facilities and capital equipment are their top concerns. Despite all their information assets – spreadsheets, business intelligence (BI), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) – leaders and contributors still don’t know “what happened today.” 

How does Zeros Work?

Zeros game-changing, feature-rich Suite and Applications allows organizations to rapidly deploy the process of supply chain digital transformation — collection, connectivity, and data interpretation around automation capital equipment and robotics – into a centralized workflow-visual dashboard. Zeros’ platform empowers Warehouse Teams to collaborate quickly and take action with key results while setting objectives to define and track goals and outcomes within their warehouses.

What is Zeros Mission?

To give our customers clear, actionable insights resulting in smoother more profitable operations, happier employees, and satisfied end-users while inspiring a culture of collaboration and action between warehouse employees of all levels.

What is Zeros Vision?

To be the premier provider of innovative data-focused software solutions for enterprise warehouse operations. Zeros is founded on the belief that anyone should be able to harness their organization’s information and take action. Our goal is to make data accessible and useful for everyone.

What is Zeros Purpose?

Zeros challenges the status quo by providing the most straightforward path to connect organizations to their most valuable assets – people, data and equipment. We do this by creating products that are beautiful in design, educational, and user-friendly to all stakeholders of enterprise-level warehouse operations.


Can my Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform do what Zeros provide?

No. ERPs allow detailed insights into specific transactions and client profiles, they lack the ability to give a holistic overview of long-term planning capabilities or provide the ability for stakeholders to collaborate in real-time.

Can my Warehouse Management System (WMS) do what Zeros provide?

No. WMSs supports the ERP in optimizing warehouse functionality and distribution management around daily planning, storage, labor, directing, and controlling the utilization of resources to move and store materials into, within, and out of a warehouse. 

Can my Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) do what Zeros provides?

No. WCS’s perform the “move” logic from the WMS. It is the job of the WCS to move items through conveyors, sortation, print and apply (PandA) printers, semi-automated forklifts, and even robotics.