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Predicting Maintenance

with your capital equipment investments

Maintenance Solutions

Understand What Needs Maintenance and Predict the Future

A company’s worst nightmare is downtime caused by your Capital Equipment, and caring for these investments can be overwhelming. Zeros makes it easy to visualize your specific run times on belts, cables, motors, and sensors that run through the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), aka, control systems.

Maintenance Solutions

Correlate Maintenance to Efficiency

Zeros assists in the correlation between maintenance and performance, identifying your capital equipment requirements with adjusting, cleaning or replacement parts needed. Your team’s collaboration within the Zeros platform allows for fine-tuning your investments’ performance and understanding maintenance requirements in getting the most out of your equipment.

Maintenance Solutions

All Equipment in One View

Zeros addresses the lack of predictive maintenance analytics and lack of monitoring of their capital equipment usage. Zeros provides a centralized view with smart notifications that pinpoint particular issues that arise over a specified period that are potentially causing equipment to decline in levels of performance.

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Zeros is powerful enough for any workflows, and easy for any team to use.


Understand the ROI of your capital equipment, benchmark your operations vs. others in your industry, and monitor all facilities within one view.

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Warehouse Management

Empower employees of all skill levels to get involved and depend less on highly technical workers.

Warehouse Management Solutions >

Warehouse Visualization

Communicate the most important information across the warehouse with the push of a button and keep it updated in real-time.

Visualization Solutions >

Supply Chain Disruption

Diagnose issues quickly and learn from your mistakes so you avoid making the same one twice.

Supply Chain Disruption Solutions >

Floor Level Communication

Use photos to address issues quickly and gamify your operations to enhance productivity.

Communication Solutions >


Understand how your operation compares to your competitors, learn exactly what improvements need to be made and how to prioritize them.

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Faster Response times

Streamline communication and collaborate on issues in real-time so your team spends more time producing.

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