Fully Managed Data Warehouse and Applications to connect to your fulfillment and distribution technologies.


Zeros CDPaaS™ is a data-warehouse hosting solution, providing instant deployment, monitoring, and maintenance of the connectivity and collection of data.

Collection of Data
Our fully managed, data-warehouse deployment software includes the easiest solution for warehouse automation hardware and systems providers within the Industry.

Connectivity of Data Sources

Zeros data-source driven application “Marketplace”, includes both Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) and Software-as-a-Services (SaaS) providers, focused on the enterprise supply chain industry that adds value, flexibility, and scalability faster than any available alternative methods. Every “App” goes through our Data Sources Harmonised and Consolidation SCSM™ Engine to provide a seamless automated data flow of unrefined data into a refined and consolidated state.


Zeros SCSM™ is the process of deriving and optimizing key metrics from supply chain signals. SCSM™ fills the gap between raw data and usable insights by combining metrics, physical supply chain variables, applications, people, and equipment to provide a precise, standardized way to quantify and optimize massive streams of actionable business insights.

Supply Chain Signal Harvesting
Harvesting allows users to reliably maintain a complete, real-time view of sourced signals from Zeros CDPaaS™. This ingestion layer handles authorization, authentication, and management of the Application Programming Interface (API) connections to signal sources, API scheduling, frequency management, automated file-based signal ingestion, management, and storage. It also automates the process of versioning, error-detection and re-fetching, validation and gap filling, back fetching of historical data, and the direct imports in delivering the best possible accuracy, depth, granularity, completeness, and timeliness of data signals.

Supply Chain Signal Refinement
Refinement of data improves the harvested signal state through a cleaning and harmonization process, scanning unrefined signals to detect errors, or missing/duplicated data to bring the data to a refined state.

Supply Chain Signal Integration
Integration improves the relevance of the ingested and harmonized data through consolidated categorization processes, aggregation, calculation, segmentation, filtering, and comparison to provide an analytical layer.


Zeros Visualization Engine (ZerosBuild™) is a pre-built report generator application constructed from the ZerosSuite™. ZerosBuild™ provides users with a centralized pre-built data visualization dashboard while experiencing a “no-code” environment in creating content that will be inspiring, intuitive, and transparent to promote end-user engagement. This analytics application combines machine learning algorithms that have been trained on historical datasets and applied to new data to forecast particular outcomes.