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Traditional wholesale distribution to e-commerce distribution, there is no better example

As the companies in our industry continue to evolve their business to adapt with the times by making the transition from a focus on wholesale distribution to e-commerce distribution, there is no better example than Disney shutting down 60 of their flagship stores throughout the country to focus on their growing e-commerce business. This is a growing trend amongst Zeros customers who specialize in the wholesale and retail distribution space.

Traditionally, these brands have followed a distribution model in which product is delivered to their various warehouse facilities where they are sorted and stored, then sent out for shipments in large quantities to their own retail stores, wholesale retailers, and other distributors. As they shift to a direct-to-consumer, packaging and shipping orders to one customer at a time, they must have the infrastructure in place to fulfill orders timely and accurately. Read below for the full article of how Disney is adapting to the times by shutting down retail stores to focus on e-commerce:

"New York (CNN Business)The Disney Store, once a mall mainstay, is drastically reducing the number of locations it has in the United States and Canada.

Disney said it's closing at least 60 stores in North America, amounting to about 35% of its locations in the region. Moving forward, Disney is placing a larger emphasis on its e-commerce business rather than its brick-and-mortar footprint.

"While consumer behavior has shifted toward online shopping, the global pandemic has changed what consumers expect from a retailer," said Stephanie Young, president of Disney's consumer products, games and publishing unit, in a press release.

Disney (DIS) said that it's focusing on making its shopDisney platform a more "seamless" and "personalized" experience. That online revamp will be "complemented by greater integration with Disney Parks apps and social media platforms."

Covid-19 has spurred more people to move their shopping habits online. Research firm eMarketer recently said e-commerce sales across the world grew nearly 28% in 2020, surpassing $4 trillion.

Fans can still buy Mickey merchandise at theme park stores, third-party retailers and Disney shop-in-shops. In 2019, Target opened mini-Disney stores in 25 of its locations.

Disney, which didn't release a list of stores that will close, has about 300 locations worldwide. It had nearly 800 locations globally at its peak in 1999."

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