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Zeros has successfully installed with SDI.

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Zeros is now live in the SDI ecosystem

We are proud to announce another milestone in the Zeros Proof-of-concept pilot program. As of today, the Zeros installed with SDI. We have begun the testing process and are actively collecting data and providing visualizations. Users within the SDI ecosystem can now log in to their accounts, access their reports, and use the recommendations from the Zeros software to optimize their performance throughout the warehouses of the organization. 

SDI signs on to Zeros pilot program.

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SDI and Zeros further relationship with SDI signing to pilot program

After a successful launch of our pilot program over the past few months with SDI as our strategic partner that has lead to signing notable firms such as Lacoste and Medline to participate, SDI has expressed interest and signed on to join the pilot program themselves! This further involvement between SDI and Zeros validates the value that we are creating for the supply chain industry.

We are grateful to SDI for seeing the vision early on and the value that a solution like Zeros could bring to their customers, and that is furthered by their trust in us to develop a solution that they want to use themselves.

Now that our pilot program is rounded out with three different organizations from three vastly different industries, we now have everything we need to develop, implement, and execute on the Zeros platform. We look forward to bringing more organizations into the fold as we scale, but for now, it’s time to get back to building!

-The Zeros team

Medline signs on to Zeros pilot program.

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Medline set to become Zeros' second customer

Today we welcome Medline, a $14BB annual revenue company, to our pilot program. Signing Medline to our pilot program marks our entry into the healthcare industry, as well as diversifying the companies using the Zeros as a solution to help them solve their distribution and logistics issues within their warehouses.

Medline Industries, Inc., is a private American healthcare company based in Northfield, Illinois. It is the largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies providing products, education, clinical programs and services across the continuum of care with offices in 20 countries.

Lacoste signs on to Zeros pilot program.

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As Zeros' first customer, Lacoste reprensents a milestone for the company

We are proud to announce that as of today, July 31, we have officially signed our first customer for our pilot program with the legendary fashion brand, Lacoste. Lacoste, a $3BB annual revenue fashion brand, is a French company, founded in 1933 by tennis player René Lacoste and André Gillier. It sells clothing, footwear, sportswear, eyewear, leather goods, perfume, towels and watches. The company can be recognized by its green crocodile logo.

SDI is officially Zeros’ first integration partner.

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The strategic partnership will fuel the development and growth of the Zeros platform

After months of conversation and building mutual trust and rapport with each other, Zeros and SDI have officially entered into a letter of intent to become strategic partners on the development and deployment of the Zeros platform. This is a huge step for our company!

Through this partnership Zeros will have access to the data collected by SDI control systems in a select number of SDI customers, which will give Zeros the data flow to effectively build our solution using real data from real customers. This partnership will allow us to build out our Proof-of-Concept pilot program, creating the path to developing a solution that can be integrated with enterprise-level Warehouse Logistic Operations at scale!

COVID and e-commerce – what happens next?

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As the Covid-19 pandemic evolves, some thoughts on the future of the supply chain

As more and more retailers across the country and the world are shutting down due to the ongoing Covid pandemic, there has never been a time in history that e-commerce has mattered so much. In many cases ordering items, whether it be food or clothes, online, is the only option for many people across the world.

There has been an obvious trend in the growth of e-commerce vs. traditional retail since the addition of e-commerce shopping to the economy many years ago, but during this time, we are finding ourselves asking how big of an impact this situation is going to make on consumer shopping habits even when things go back to “normal”.

We can only imagine how organizations whose business models are set up to support wholesale or retail distribution are adapting to the e-commerce distribution model that has become more important than ever, virtually overnight.

Organizations should be using this time to think about how they can adapt their logistics operations to account for massive spikes in e-commerce demand, and less retail demand. Those who can effectively figure this out quickly are likely to be the real winners, or at least save their business, during these unprecedented times.

Automation and robotics capital equipment is a great place to start to help solve the labor challenge of needing to fill more orders of lower quantity than traditional large retail orders consisting of a higher quantity of goods.

Back to work! MODEX show recap.

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The team is back and ready to get to work

The Modex show was an eye-opening experience, as anticipated. Walking the floor, it quickly became clear the opportunity we have in front of us. The energy at the show was high, with the attendees all feeling the excitement of the transition from the traditional to the digital supply chain. The hardware manufacturers are really stepping up their game to help customers get more done with less when it comes to their capital equipment investments. The future of the supply chain industry is bright.

We saw lots and lots of movement toward fully embracing digital supply chain. Many exhibitors were featuring solutions like automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, the Internet of Things, and data analytics. While there were hundreds of hardware and software providers selling the latest automation and robotics technology, there were no providers helping to connect them all! The Modex show proved that Zeros is a first mover in this category and is well-positioned to make an impact in a massive and messy industry.

Day two for MODEX 2020 concluded with industry players addressing the now-notorious coronavirus and what this means for both domestic and international markets fortunate enough to continue operations without disruption. From what we learned during the session, “Coronavirus and Global Supply Chains” the wave currently felt in China, Italy, and beyond, will eventually make its way to the U.S. and companies have no reason not to be prepared.

“The virus is the primary cause of the supply chain impact but the secondary causes coming from the virus include financial, regulatory, compliance, and legal,” explained by David Shillingford with Resilience360. “Another risk to think about is workforce risk. How many of the workers that left for Chinese New Year have been able to come back, and for those that have returned, are they able to work with open factories or are they still under quarantine?”

Shillingford goes on to explain the shifting patterns in consumer behavior as well, noting that due to worldwide panic, demand is shifting and challenging the logistics sector. Buying habits have undoubtedly changed in recent weeks along with mindsets. Interactions are now limited to a fist-bump or elbow touch rather than a handshake and the numbers of public events canceled are going up.

As the show came to an end, word of the spread of COVID-19 and the impact it may have on the economy and the supply chain industry gave the show a bit of an abrupt ending. As we close this post out, we are hoping that everyone stays safe and healthy as we learn more about this developing situation.

Check the photos below to get a recap of the event.

Agility Robotics | Go where humans Go.

Fetch Robotics | Cloud Robotics Platform.

SDI Systems | Picking Superstars.

Deloitte | Audit & Assurance, Consulting.

Zeros attends international supply chain trade show.

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We're heading to MODEX in Atlanta, GA to scout potential integrators, customers, partners

After a successful visit to SDI’s SELF20 conference last month in Las Vegas, SDI has invited the Zeros team to join them at the international supply chain trade show, MODEX later this month. During the 9-12 of March, Zeros will be walking the floor scouting out potential integrators, customers, and partners. This should prove a great opportunity to get a better lay of the land of the industry and what competition there is out there.

Modex is where supply chain professionals go to learn, connect and buy solutions for their operations. The show gives buyers the chance to see, feel, and experience solutions firsthand while giving them the chance to get noticed and make deals. After all, nothing is more convincing than an in-person demonstration. 92% of MODEX attendees say they come to see the latest products and developments in the industry, and thousands of manufacturing and supply chain professionals, as well as reporters and publishers from business-to-business and trade publications. They’re thirsty for what’s possible, and they know the best place to discover it is at MODEX.

Who attends

  • KEY DECISION MAKERS – who spend $45 billion every year on material handling, supply chain and logistics systems, equipment, and services.
  • UPPER AND MIDDLE MANAGEMENT – including 84% of attendees who are in corporate, senior, middle, engineering, and IT management from manufacturing operations, production, distribution, logistics, supply chain, and transportation.
  • MAJOR RETAILERS & CONSUMER GOODS COMPANIES – including 73% of the National Retail Federation Top 100 Retailers and 64% of the Top 100 Consumer Goods Companies.
  • REPRESENTATIVES FROM THE FORTUNE 1000 – including multinational consumer-goods companies.
  • SENIOR BUYING TEAMS – composed of corporate VPs, directors, managers, engineers, production and logistics experts, and others who influence purchase decisions.
  • MOTIVATED INDIVIDUAL BUYERS – in search of product demonstrations and 1:1 meetings with equipment, technology and service providers like yourself.

To get more information, please visit Modex’s website at

Zeros attends SDI SELF20 conference.

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Zeros startup seeks partnership deal with SDI Systems.

Zeros has set our sights on a potential partnership with SDI Systems for its lead integration role. SDI is a leading manufacturing systems integrator providing design, engineering, software, installation, integration services around material handling. SDI services a global market of 200+ Enterprise Level Companies and serves 1.7M+ employees. Their client roster includes notable firms such as Medline, Lacoste, Levi Strauss, Abercrombie & Fitch, Nordstrom, Maersk, Armani, Canada Post, Carters, Oshkosh B’gosh, Dillards, Gildan, Guess, Hanes, Lululemon, Nike, Tiffany’s, UPS, and many others. 

Zeros plans to build out its minimal viable product (MVP) and launch with SDI customers in the quickest, most affordable, and viable way. With the potential partnership of SDI Systems, Zeros will have the ability to penetrate a high barrier of entry industry and provide a scalable business model. When seeking our initial integration partnership, we’re looking for a partner that shares our target market – Enterprise Level Warehouse Logistics Operations, while sharing our vision to solve the unique challenge within the supply chain industry. SDI is the perfect fit for both.

Our potential partnership will assist in gauging our respective market’s interest in our products and services as well as test out our future product fit. This effort will help avoid years of waste of time and money.

Our founder and CEO, Austin Smith will be meeting with the SDI Executive Team to evaluate the viability of the partnership while presenting the concept of Zeros to SDI’s customers during the conference for initial buy-in. Wish us luck!

Zeros closes Pre-Seed Round investment.

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Zeros closes Pre-Seed Round investment.

Introducing Zeros. We are here to build technology for Enterprise-level Warehouse Logistics Operations (WLO) that effectively bridges the gap between raw material handling equipment data and the people who need it.

Zeros will offer its users at every level the ability to visualize data, communicate with colleagues, and to take action in real-time to solve issues within their facilities. Customers using the Zeros’ platform can expect results in the form of increased operational efficiencies, reduced downtime, and lower labor costs, all of which can have a positive multimillion-dollar impact on their organization’s bottom line.

Austin Smith | CEO, Co-Founder of Zeros

The feature-rich Suite and Applications will allow organizations to rapidly deploy the process of capital equipment digital transformation — collection, connectivity, and data interpretation around robotics and automation material handling equipment – into a centralized workflow-visual dashboard. Warehouse teams will be empowered to collaborate quickly and take action with key results while setting objectives to define and track goals and outcomes within their warehouses.

Zeros Mission 

To give our customers clear, actionable insights resulting in smoother more profitable operations, happier employees, and satisfied end-users while inspiring a culture of collaboration and action between warehouse employees of all levels.

Zeros Vision

To be the premier provider of innovative data-focused software solutions for enterprise warehouse operations. 

Zeros is founded on the belief that anyone should be able to harness their organization’s information and take action. Our goal is to make data accessible and useful for everyone. 

Company Purpose

Zeros challenges the status quo by providing the most straightforward path to connect organizations to their most valuable assets – people, data, and equipment. We do this by creating products that are beautiful in design, educational, and user-friendly to all stakeholders of enterprise-level warehouse operations. 

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